Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lampasas

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Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lampasas



ホテル名Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lampasas 
USA United States アメリカ合衆国
TX Texas テキサス州
Lampasas ランパサス
緯度&経度31.05967 -98.16758
ホテル情報We are located in Lakeview, known as the tallest town in Oregon at an elevation of 4820 feet, in Oregons Outback. We are close to the airport, businesses and many different activities and attractions that one may enjoy while visiting Lakeview. We are committed to providing our guests with personalized and prompt service. We have no higher commitment than providing for our guests comfort. Our inn is a privately operated inn and it is beautifully appointed in a casual fashion in Oregons Outback. It is our desire that all of our guests relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of the inn. The property is a totally non-smoking environment. In addition, pets are not allowed. Our guests are diversified and each one is unique. Our inn is a great place to mingle and meet friendly people, or if you prefer, to just relax with a book. Our inn has been designed to take care of our guests needs. Centrally located in Lakeview, our visitors can relax in the comfort of a unique and intimate inn that offers amenities usually only found in much larger hotels and towns.